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Please see for more details on the underlying templating package.

Builtin Helpers

Listed below are a few of the helpers that ship with Plush. Please see the Plush documentation for more information on it's helpers.

  • json - returns a JSON marshaled string of the value passed to it.
  • jsEscape - safely escapes a string to be used in a JavaScript bit of code.
  • htmlEscape - safely escapes a string to be used in an HTML bit of code.
  • upcase - upper cases the entire string passed to it.
  • downcase - lower cases the entire string passed to it.
  • markdown - converts markdown to HTML.
  • len - returns the length of a value

Plush also imports all of the helpers found

Content Helpers

Plush ships with two complimentary helpers that let you create dynamic HTML snippets and re-use them later in the template.

The contentFor Helper

The contentFor helper takes a block of HTML and holds on to using the given name. Take the following example. We want to set up a group of buttons to be displayed at the top and bottom of a form. Using the contentFor helper we can store that HTML in the template under the name buttons.

<% contentFor("buttons") { %>
<% } %>

The contentOf Helper

To retrieve the content stored as buttons, we can use the contentOf helper:

<%= contentOf("buttons") %>