The Buffalo team needs, and wants your help! We're doing our best to make the world a better place for Go web development, but we can't do it alone.

If you want to contribute, please read this article first: Contributing to Open Source Git Repositories in Go. It shows how to configure your git environment to avoid common pitfalls. This article is recommended to all those who are looking to contribute to any Go projects.

The Buffalo Project

Guidelines for Contributing
  • When contributing to Buffalo please keep in mind that tests are 100% required! No PR will be accepted without accompanying tests.
  • CodeClimate is run against all PRs. We recommend you run it locally to save you time and hassle with the PR.

The Buffalo Docs

Contributing to this documentation site is a great, and easy, way to help make Buffalo better.


If you like, or love, Buffalo, please consider funding its development.

With funding I will be able to focus on Buffalo development full-time. This means faster turn around times on bugs, issues, and features. It also means more time spend on documentation and learning materials such as blog posts, videos, and possibly a book.

Shoulders of Giants

We are fortunate, as a community, to have so many great packages written by some really great people. Buffalo wraps all of those packages together with a little glue to bring it all together. A great place to start making Buffalo better is to help improve the underlying packages Buffalo relies on.

Other Buffalo Projects

There are also many other official and non-official Buffalo projects to which you can contribute. Search for the gobuffalo topic on GitHub to discover new projects.