As of December 1st, 2019 Buffalo, and all related packages, require Go Modules and the use of the GOPATH is no longer supported.

Please see this blog post for more information

Raw Queries

Sometimes you'll need to write a custom query instead of letting Pop generate it for you. In this chapter, you'll learn how to write raw SQL queries using Pop.

Writing a Raw Query


player := Player{}
q := db.RawQuery("SELECT * FROM players WHERE id = ?", 1)
err := q.Find(&player, id)


err := db.RawQuery("UPDATE players SET instrument = ? WHERE id = ?", "guitar", 1).Exec()


err := db.RawQuery("DELETE FROM players WHERE id = ?", 1).Exec()

Tokens syntax

With RawQuery, you can continue to use the ? tokens to secure your input values. You don't need to use the token syntax for your underlying database.